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Inky - Suicide Mission (One Short Day)
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Genre(s): Homestuck  Soundtrack  Vocal  

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Shared by inkystuck 6 years ago
inkystuck (6 years ago)
cover art designed for me by thatnekochick on tumblr <3


(Come with me. To the Furthest Ring.)
One short day! On a suicide mission!

i feel like theres an alternative here)

One short day! On a suicide mission!

(whoaaa whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa sit the fuck down
only one of us needs to do this and
fuck us both going shits stupid and what if)

One short day on a suicide mission.
One short day before our lifetimes are done.
One short day and one fatal decision.
The journey has started
are you retarded
Let's blow up the sun.

holy shit its dark out here
Things are not what they appear,
There's always room to shed a little Light.
This circumstance has been foreseen.
wheres that fuckin ball of green
its absolutely damn nowhere in sight

We only just met in this game...
dont talk about that shit right now
were gonna choke soon anyhow
I suppose if we're to die it's all the same.

one short day on a suicide mission
one short day before our lifetimes are done
one short day and one fatal decision
We'll do it together,
It's now or it's never.
lets blow up the sun

(Would it be easier if we made this song sillier, perhaps more ironic?
yes. yes.)

Who's the Knight
Whose nightly dreaming on Derse has got
Subconscious minds accursed and
What a sight!
Inciting destruction and green sunbursts!
heres the seer with a flare for banter
she thinks shes got all the answers
rose lalonde
im going to miss you.
And I, you.

one short day on a suicide mission
One short day before our lifetimes are done.
meet the fray steeped too long in ambition

There's something quite odd here.
i think we went god tier
It looks as if we're here to stay.

we made it.
We did.)

Seems that we'll live for
One more...

(wtf is this hood)

gregariousTruth (6 years ago)
Every time I think you have reached the absolute pinnacle of brilliance and hilarity, you prove me wrong and far surpass yourself yet again.

Also. Your Dave is so, so perfect. I mean, your Rose and your just-about-everyone-else are pretty goddmn perfect, too, but I am seriously in love with your Dave. This has been true since the first song of yours I listened to, and I get really excited whenever you post a new song involving him. (Or actually just any new songs, but whatever.)

This is serously so spot-on with characterization I cannot even express how much it made my day. I may ruin Wicked for myself by downloading this and singing along with it until I forget the actual words to 'One Short Day', but it will be totally worth it. xD

silverallure13 (6 years ago)
You just keep on making me want more of your songs. I love you and your songs to pieces <3

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
That. Was wonderful. Especially Dave's last line. xD!!!!

inkystuck (6 years ago)
gregarioustruth- i won't lie to you, i've been sort of staring at this off and on all day and trying to come up with some words, ANY WORDS, to say in response. i really just want to print this out and casually wallpaper every room i am ever in with it. but. let's try for some actual talking.

i'm THRILLED to hear that you like my dave so much, and that others like him too. i was completely unsure of my voice for dave the first time i ever submitted a recording involving him, and it's been so great to hear such lovely feedback from people about that particular voice because dave is my favourite <3 normally i am fairly proud of what i do (or i wouldn't post it on the internet to represent myself lololol) but dave was one of those ones that just seemed iffy to me, and i've just generally become a lot more confident with him since i've received fabulous comments like this :) i am really thankful for them.

you are so sweet and awesome and badass and wonderful to write out such a thoughtful message <3 it doesn't ever go unappreciated ! :)

silverallure- <3 i can guarantee you that there will be plenty more songs from me ! i love writing them ! thanks for leaving a comment, you are spectacular <3 :)

foxcrazy- hahaha i actually really like that line too :$ never miss a chance to poke fun at daveykins. especially when it's the god tier design. ;) thanks for listening ! <3

DMLunatic (6 years ago)
I can see Dave's expression.

were gonna die... and youre fucking singing about it???

rose youve lost your mind


But really, this is a beautiful thing oh my gosh.

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
Pfft, everyone pokes fun at that hood.

And if you keep giving us amazing songs like this, I'ma have to make a CD and listen to 'em in my car (when I get it.)

inkystuck (6 years ago)
dmlunatic- HAHAHA yes exactly ! i love how dave and rose interact. they are so great. thank you so much for leaving a message !! :D <3

foxcrazy- oh i WILL keep giving amazing (?) songs ! your comment just gave me the FRESHEST BUTTERFLIES dang. i am super flattered that you would make a CD hehe :$

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
? What's the ? for? D:?

And I would, I would~ I love music, especially in the car. Would just have to hit it from my parents. They don't care much for swearing. D:

FoxCrazy (6 years ago)
Also. If I could draw people better, I would animate this. *off to teach self to draw humans*

Holly (6 years ago)
(oh welp I was confused there for a while. I was 100% sure I had heard this song before, but there was no comment here. Then I realized I heard it just when you uploaded it to tumblr, but I lost it xD)

Aww that end makes me cry. Especially the "i think we went god tier", because he sounds so surprised and they really didn't know that there was a way to survive! Rose went to sacrifice herself and Dave followed to protect her against DD and stayed with her for like 4 hours staring at that big alchemizing Green Sun machine waiting to die and they had -no idea- and and and they were so brave and and and- *SOB SOB SOB*

And this is such a beautiful song, and poor Dave and damn you Rose you are so amazing.

Your Rose voice is so beautiful auuugh She sounds so elegant and correct and it's so perfect for her!
And your Dave is amazing too! I love how lively he sounds in the song!
The last line is just wonderful, wonderful..

inkystuck (6 years ago)
foxcrazy- hahahaha the question mark is for "questionably amazing songs" .. because let's be real i do some weird shit. ;) also omg if someone animated this i would probably faint. that would be astonishing and lovely.

holly- oh man oh man your comments are always so awesome ! thank you times infinity plus one, seriously :$ the derse kids give me way too many feelings. like horrible choking feelings. so. sobbing forever pretty much, and i'm really thankful that i could i guess, do it justice or whatevs ? man i just love derseys. :')

also ohhh myyyyy blushing over your lovely compliments about my rose voice ! and yes, dave does sound very lively here ahaha - i think it's because i pretty much forced his range to be .. really fantastically female. sorry dave. sorry i'm NOT SORRY HOHOHO. ;)

anyway, you're spectacular and i always like hearing what you have to say ! thanks for being so supportive :)

Masoncorps (6 years ago)
I love this song lol!

inkystuck (6 years ago)
i'm so glad ! thanks tons for commenting :)

MoreGlamThanYou (6 years ago)
Definitely confused one of my friends by accidentally singing the lyrics to this instead of One Short Day when she we were singing this today. >.> <.<

Also, I never said this when I first listened to this song, but the ending makes me cry. It's just so... perfect. /You're/ perfect. Srsly. <33333

inkystuck (6 years ago)
omg that's amazing ahahaha

and asdfghjkl <3333 wow what a lovely compliment agh you guys are seriously the greatest ! derse sibs make me cry tons faghsd i need to write more for themmmmm. <3 you're wonderful, thanks for listening :)

Illusionistoxymoron (6 years ago)
I would suppose that its ironic that the verbose one has gone insane, and Dave's the only one with common sense. And I love how Rose isn't replying to anything he says really. (She's too into the song, lol.) "Are you retarded?" "Let's blow up the sun!" LMAO

TotallyDrawn (5 years ago)
I'm addicted to this. It's extremely cute!

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