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TheSweetestTart (6 years ago)
This is fantastic and you are fantastic for making it.

uglydumplings (6 years ago)

PurpleIzzy (6 years ago)
I enjoy listening to this...
Life is perfect.

alwayshomestuck (6 years ago)
haha The beginning, "sungbyBROADWAYKARKAT!! :D"

T3RM1N4LLYC4PR1C10US (6 years ago)
two words. best. song. ever!

beepbeepmeow (5 years ago)
Headcanon holy shit. <3

ArtificialFlavour (5 years ago)
I don't like it.

virgo-stuck (5 years ago)
Final Fantasy: Kissmesis by Karkat.

mokiescratch (5 years ago)
I hate Broadwaystuck.

MaddyBee143 (5 years ago)
mokiescratch...if you dont like it then why the fuck are you listening to it? No one cares about your negative opinions. -.- Broadwaystuck is fucking awesome!

AdorablyBloodThirsty (5 years ago)
mokie...get a life okay?

karkat we love you to , every one last one of you <333

Karkat333 (5 years ago)

prucanFan (5 years ago)
As tempting as it sounds to "fuck" you Karkat, I dont think Nepeta, Terezi, Meenah or anyone else who has/has had a flush/flush crush relationship for/with you would be quite happy with me. They might actually kill me. :) By the way I love your voice. absolutely beautiful and fuels my headcannon. <33

avenria (4 years ago)
lovve it

MyrnaMaeve (4 years ago)
That opening bit... *laughing so hard*

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