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MightyMoose - Crew Like Mine (Improved Quality Version!)
2.76mb, 02:24, 156kbit, 15116 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Vocal  Jazz  

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Shared by MightyMoose 7 years ago
Sinister Psyche (7 years ago)
i was waiting till you'd get a clearer sounding mike. the other one sounded like it had a permanent low-pass filter on it. gonna redo The Ultimate Showdown too?

MightyMoose (7 years ago)
Now with LYRICS!

Now I'm a mobster, see, Spades Slick's my name,
And I'm a member of the Midnight Crew.
Lord English, you in luck, 'cause pain's my game.
We're gonna play it 'fore we both are through.
We've got some power in Hearts Boxcars now,
Some heavy ammunition with Clubs Deuce,
And my right hand man is Diamonds Droog,
And the lyrics are by MightyMoose! (Shut up, kid...)

Lord English, I confess, your gang is mighty fine.
But we'll beat them to a bloody pulp.
You ain't never met a crew like mine.

We want what's in your safe, it's made of your design.
C'mon Boxcars, let's go bust this thing.
You ain't never met a crew like mine.

HB: (You got it!) We pride ourselves on service!
CD: You're da boss!
HB: The king!
DD: The best!

SS: The Midnight Crew has come for you,
We're gonna beat you up like all the rest.
Your boys got in our way,
That's where we draw the line.
We're in the mood to KILL you, dude.
You ain't never met a crew like mine.

BLUH BLUH BLUH (Huge bitch)

Can The Felt do this?
Does The Felt do that?
Can The Felt pull this
Out their backup hat?
Can The Felt go-- (OH SHIT IT'S SNOWMAN.)

S: (Well, lookie here...)

SS: C'mon, let's go,
Movin' through time and space, let 'er rip!
And then everybody disappears!
Well Itchy runs real fast, and Sawbuck's tough,
And Fin can see your future trail.
But you can bet your ass we'll get 'em all,
Every single one's going to fail.

I got a powerful urge to break your clocks,
You should know your time's runnin' out.
The place is fortified just like Fort Knox,
But demolition's what Deuce is about, c'mon!

Okay, we're bustin' in, I think you'd best resign.
Put up your dukes! (Let's kill these mooks.)
You ain't never met a crew, never met a crew,
You ain't never met a crew, never met a crew,
You ain't never met a crew like mine!

(Hahaha, heheheh, you ain't NEVER met a crew like mine!)

MightyMoose (7 years ago)
(Whoops. It's "WELL I'm a mobster, see." Remember your own lyrics, Moose!)

Xiki_Muffin (7 years ago)
why is this the best thing ever ohgodohgod yayyyy C,:

br00m (7 years ago)
oh my god this is
You have the BEST slick voice.

emderp (7 years ago)
This is awesome.

Mikanator (7 years ago)
I... I approve O_O

CannibalPieChan (7 years ago)
I have died of happiness. <:

Did you do Snowman, too? That was great <3


Crumblehop (7 years ago)
The harmony at the end is so perfect.

MightyMoose (7 years ago)
@CannibalPie- Hahahaha, no. Snowman was generously recorded by the wonderful Von Fawn.

CharredAsperity (7 years ago)
I did a cover of this http://tindeck.com/listen/jeey I hope you don't mind, if you do I can take it down.

drollJester (7 years ago)
why can i not stop listening to this?

gardenRenegade (7 years ago)
oh this is awesome nomore noless

Four-Eyes (7 years ago)
hey dude

can I marry you

mintt (7 years ago)
ohmygod this is perfect sdkfjsdfj YOU ARE MADE OF WIN <3

8luh8luh (7 years ago)
Oh god.

RubberDuckyJr (7 years ago)


VoiceInAStorm (7 years ago)
This. This is fabulous.

sogrimsodark (7 years ago)
Headcanon for Spades?

Headcanon for Spades.

PsychoSicarius (7 years ago)
you.... YOU....


giggity34 (7 years ago)
dude this is one of the best things ever

sicklySarcastic (7 years ago)
Dude, what is this a parody of? o___o

zephyrEclipse (7 years ago)
I... I can't even handle this.

This is simply perfection.

I didn't think it could get any better after I heard the first one.

But I was wrong. So wonderfully wrong.

DJ-Jenny-K (7 years ago)
This is WONDERFUL. I am DYING, this is SO PERFECT. You overload the mic in spots, but... DAMMIT this is so awesome I just don't CARE.

Freybug (7 years ago)
Goodness this made me ridiculously happy!

Joolu (6 years ago)
omg, everything about this is absolutely perfect.

allofmyquadrants (6 years ago)

WitchOfMind (6 years ago)
Can The Felt go - Oh, shit, it's Sn0wman
Well, lookie here

I can replay that part all day long.

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