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Octopimp - Eridan Ringtone
213kb, 00:14, 111kbit, 55582 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  Homestuck  Comedy  

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Shared by Octopimp 7 years ago
rizatukudo (7 years ago)
;3; For you Eridan, I would always answer.

Stupid Stupid (7 years ago)
Octopimp, you're a cruel, cruel person: I don't even have a phone/sob

P0rtalFox (7 years ago)
Why Can't Me Phone Take Ringtones! T.T

RainbowRider (7 years ago)
Aww so desperate!
Rly rly nice! <33

xAkiFails (7 years ago)
I have this as my ringtone, and have to answer everytime or I feel guilty.

Grotesque_Puppetry (7 years ago)
....HowdoIsendthistomyphone? ;A;

sybilBookcase (6 years ago)
Oh, the please
I always end up answering ._.

akalyssa (6 years ago)
Go to www.myxer.com to send this to your phone. It's good, free software, it won't spam you, and you don't even have to register.

ebot75 (6 years ago)
2 years till phone :,(

Alucard696 (6 years ago)
ima noob here wheres the send to phone? XD

Raythequeenofdeath (5 years ago)
.... All my Homestuck friends made this my ringtone on their phones, an then i wwas the ampora an i wwas all good wwith it

ISupportDeath (4 years ago)
Someone give me a phone now! Please?

elftaco (4 years ago)
My phone keeps sending me to the play store when I try to download:( any help?

Datzeldanerd (3 years ago)
It won't even let me download it :( it keeps taking me to the AppStore to download useless apps...

Homestuck123 (3 years ago)
Why does it make me download a clothes app?

layneyd123 (3 years ago)
How come it takes me to a ad page? Is there a certain app i should use????

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