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TPDATS & General Ivan - Just wanted a malt
254kb, 00:16, 125kbit, 225 downloads
Genre(s): Vocal  

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Shared by cran-raspberry 7 years ago
cran-raspberry (7 years ago)
This makes no sense at all without context. Some 50'sstuck writefagging:

You sit up on a stool in the diner and ask John about the trio of greasers that tend to linger around this place.

He chirps, "Oh, the guys who come by here all the time? They're the Highbloods, toughest greaser squad this side of Skaiaville! I wouldn't worry about them too much, though. They're pretty well-behaved. All thanks to their really easygoing leader, Fonzee," John whistles a little tune as he polishes a bottle green glass, "and, hey! It looks one of them is here now."

You turn your head and see a muscular, broadly-shouldered greaser trotting into the joint with a petite girl in modest dress following right behind him. His hair shone a bit with the ever-essential grease, and was tied back into a tidy ponytail. As the two made their way to their seats not more than a few stools away from you, you furtively divert your gaze; you seriously wouldn't want to garner the anger of a guy like that. He shifts his eyes behind cracked sunglasses and motions a quick nod at John. The girl is playfully pawing at his side, not unlike a cat.

The girl behind him guides him over to a stool a few down from yours and they sit, the greaser hasn't said a word back to the chattering girl beside him, if you didn't know better you'd think he wasn't listening at all. He tucked a black, stained rag into his back pocket and adjusted his glasses as he sat down.

"Hold on one sec," says John, abandoning you.

The girl goes to order for the both of them, before the greaser subtly raises a hand instantly shuts her up.
With a deep, low and quiet voice you could barely make out he orders two glasses of milk.

"awwww come on! It's not like we don't have the money! You said...!" she whines, half serious, toeing the line as not to outright object.
"I know what I said." he barely needs to raise his voice at all. "I think you... I think the both of us would benefit from something a bit less unhealthy today."

you stir your melting milkshake, trying your best to not look like you're eavesdropping as obviously as you are. You can't help but stare at his mouth as he speaks too low for you to hear.

Suddenly the bell behind you dings and the glass door SLAMS open. All of you spin around.

"EEEEEYYYY, EQUIUUUS. You finally gave your hotrod a rest huh?" Fonzee and his entourage of groupies stride into the diner, laughing and yelling amongst themselves.
He slips his fine-tooth comb into his jacket breast pocket as he surveys the restaurant... and suddenly catches his double meaning, turning around at the rest of the group, pointing with gunfingers.

They all instantly burst into laughter on cue.

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