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totalspiffage - I Don't Know What Homestuck Is
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Genre(s): Homestuck  

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Shared by totalspiffage 5 years ago
totalspiffage (5 years ago)
tumblr: http://totalspiffage.tumblr.com/post/30041883090/i-dont-know-what-homestuck-is-download-this-is

Theres a boy standing in his bedroom
And hes 13 today
Hes waiting on a game called Sburb
That he wants to play
His friends all start to help him
And one by one they join the game
Their planets hit by meteors
Is this really the right thing?

Cause I dont know
I dont know what homestuck is[x2]
Ive seen some things on the internet
but this doesnt look right
Whenever I ask my friends
They say keep reading itll all make sense (to you) in time

Should I really read the pesterlogs
Theres so much going on
Ive got so many questions
Like whos this guy talking to John?
Can I skip the intermission
Okay FINE Ill read that too
I admit it started slow but
I guess its getting cool

And then people started dying
I thought this comic was fun
Oh my god my heart
Look at what youve done
I still dont know about the title
And I still cant quite explain
Why a comic that I near dismissed
Causes me such pain

I still dont know, still dont know what homestuck is [x2]
Im not sure when things changed, but Im near broken-hearted
Im eagerly awaiting the next update with a cheer
I would say that it pulled me in but I was already here

I still dont know, still dont know, still dont know
But its this

xNeppiex (5 years ago)
In my view...this is the whole thing...right here...

tylersong (5 years ago)
Yeaah, that sounds about right. What my initial reaction to Homestuck is, I mean. lol

P.S. I love your voice!! :D

KaidaHara (5 years ago)

KaidaHara (5 years ago)

KaidaHara (5 years ago)
Such an accurate description

Auranightshade (3 years ago)
wow that was so cool love your voice and wow mind blown times 8000000000000

)(0M-32TUCK (3 years ago)

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