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sraven (5 years ago)
Thanks Ron French, you have managed to make me look very good, very professional as always. It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone, after that call. Its unfortunate that you just are not ready to handle the sometimes mean streets of community partnerships. Not all believers can accept a unity that can exist, yet in this proof that I called you, you have demonstrated that it is possible to coexist. Its unfortunate as a "community religious leader" Reverend; that you can't see the simple dialogue that created a moment of coexisting. This is why you are not ready to place yourself into the non profit arenas, it can be just as gut wrenching to handle corporations as it is sometimes in common discussion. If you can not handle discussions without resulting to calling ones autistic son a "retard", Pastor! you will never truly be able to convince yourself or others as being a high thinker, because you are stuck at the bottom of the barrel. I will pray for you, Reverend Ronald French. That is all I can do.

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