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Inky - Start the Party [Broadwaymom Audition] (Crash Your Party)
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Genre(s): Misc  Pop  Homestuck  

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Shared by inkystuck 6 years ago
inkystuck (6 years ago)
(this was written back when i was broadwaymom on tumblr ! so uh now i guess it's sort my audition piece since we're all re-auditioning ? idk idk hahaha)


hey bitches, raise up your glass
cause im here to stay, gonna rep the partaaay
and some say i aint got class
but i dont give a fuck, cause now im broadwaystuck

im gonna sing my heart out
bring the whole house down
were the stars
till they turn the lights out
hope youre all hyped ohhh
i cant read these typos
wrote these lyrics while i was wasted
13 shots and i didnt chase it
but still i gotta let you know oh

im here to start the party
dont be thinking you can go abscond
cause im the motherfucking r lalonde
and im here to start the party
so pump up the beat, start moving your feet, can you take the heat?
when i start the party

(i think we need a refill over here. like a congratulations for getting that verse down.)

where my alphas tonight
no party foul but im on the prowl
and daaaamn english youre lookin tight
janey wheres your dad, cause im feelin bad

im gonna sing my heart out
bring the whole house down
were the stars
till they turn the lights out
oh things might get sloppy
but baby dont stop me
im the girl puts the champ in champagne
pour it down then we do it again
so i hope you all know

im here to start the party
dont be thinking you can go abscond
cause im the motherfucking r lalonde
and im here to start the party
so crank up the beat, start moving your feet, can you take the heat?
when i start the party

(no im gonna take the rap. im pretty sure i am more than qualified to handle this breakdown. youre never too drunk to spit rhymes jane thats why they have eminem in karaoke bars. lose yourself more like booze yourself am i right.)

jane i got a question does your dad have a girlfriend
he might wanna piece of this right before the world ends
dreaming on derse isnt the worst thing
but i would rather have him when i wake up and hes lying beside me
checkin all of the pearls he buy me
aint shitting you girl just try me jane - no im not stopping
im the one topping - yeah gonna chop him
god im joking janey no need for strife
dads off limits, BFFSIES 4 LYFE!

you think that you can take this blonde
im the motherfucking r lalonde
come on and lets start the party
so turn up the beat, start moving your feet, can you take the heat?
when i start the party

purrfectKitty (6 years ago)
(( omg let me love you ))

Carlalax (6 years ago)
This is perfection. Best mom in my opinion.

inkystuck (6 years ago)
purrfectkitty- no no LET ME LOVE YOU. :)
carlalax- dzaaaaamn THANK YOU SO MUCH. that is quite the honour. i do hope i get the part !

betavoracious (6 years ago)
Oh my gosh, this is beyond spectacular!!! <3333 You are a wonderful R Lalonde. :'D

katsplanet (6 years ago)
this is FABULOUS

TortTaura (6 years ago)
this is... just.... headcanon brilliant fantastic beautiful i have no words that work perfectly.

and that verse about Dad. oh golly that was the best!!

kineceleFan (6 years ago)

inkystuck (6 years ago)
betavoracious- thanks tons ! i really appreciate it; you are lovely :) <3
katsplanet- THANKS ! you are way too kind. :) lovelovelove
torttaura- thankyouthankyouthankyouuu :') i'm so glad i can provide headcanon lalonde tingz 4 u etc etc. but seriously thanks so much - the dad rap took TIIIME ahaha. nuff interior rhyming schemes y'all.
kinecelefan- I. WILL. !!!!!! <33 thank you !!

man you guys are the best. so many cuddles for erryone. all the cuddles.

TikTokKnight (6 years ago)
I just have to say that in addition to having the most hilariously apt R??? voice I've EVER heard, you have the most GORGEOUS singing voice to boot! :) I'm constantly blown away by the quality of your vocals in your pieces and your ability to take on different personas on top of maintaining excellent pitch, tone, and rhythm. Well done!

inkystuck (6 years ago)
WOW why do i always wake up to the most spectacular comments !
i'm so touched that you would go to the trouble to type out such an awesome(ly long) response to a song of mine <3 thank you, i really love hearing from people :')
as a singer i sincerely appreciate your comments about my vocals, and as an actor i'm so thrilled that you like my characterization for alpha maawwwwm :) MAN you are unbelievable, seriously thanks for this, it has thus far made my day and i'm so incredibly happy now !

much much much love ! <3

Kayla5927 (6 years ago)
Inky!!!! You fit so well!
I completely agree with TikTokKnight!
I was so happy when I got home and saw you had a new song up!
AAAAAAAA You're just so incredibly good!
Keep it up please!!!

inkystuck (6 years ago)
kayla ahhh thank you ! :')
i will definitely keep it up aaand i hope that my stuff doesn't go downhill too much hahaha ! ;)
thanks TONS TONS TONS, you are fantastically supportive and awesome <3

extremeCrayonist (6 years ago)
This is. Augh. Eargasms <33333333

inkystuck (6 years ago)
NO WAY god you are way too nice, thank you so much ! <3

DMLunatic (6 years ago)
So gorgeous. Amazing voice and character, I would love to hear more! Ro-Lal NEVER STOP SINGING!

DMLunatic (6 years ago)
^forgot to mention that the lyrics are fantastic!!!! Looks like alcohol fuels some SICK FIRES.

inkystuck (6 years ago)
AW YEAH ! thank you ! :) hopefully you will hear tons more if i get the part again :) ro-lal's my homegirl 4 lyfe
and thanks tons for the lyrics comment - i was like in a constant >:| of focus during the writing for the rap section in particular so i'm glad things turned out all right hahaha !
and ye dawg alcohol fuels sick fires like you don't even know .. it is way flammable after all ;)

AzureFirework (6 years ago)

inkystuck (6 years ago)
tu eres tan dulceeee :')
muchas gracias para los cumplidos y soy muy alegre que tu te gusta mi cancion ! YAAAAY :)
no puedo hablar omg
(estudie espanol pero he olvidado mucho)

THANKS DAWG ! also lol wow i just took that to town with the spanish thing (slash i feel really bad that i had to delete the accents because tindeck is a bitch !). probs embarrassed myself tons but it's aiight. seriously thank you though, you're awesome :)

Masoncorps (6 years ago)
Definitely a download I'm listening to again and again. :) You rock inky!

inkystuck (6 years ago)
thanks masoncorps ! i'm really happy you like it !

hollywood191 (6 years ago)
Why are you so amazing?! I've been going through all of your songs and you are just perfect. :D

inkystuck (6 years ago)
wow thank you ! haha i just like doing dumb voices and writing song parodies B)
i'm glad people are enjoying them :)

xNeppiex (6 years ago)
God, you are an amazing singer. This is /by far/ my favorite HS fan song. EVER. I love you so much for making this because I listen to it everyday.<33

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