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Beta Kids - [Sadstuck] Game Over
971kb, 01:22, 93kbit, 416 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Speech  Vocal  

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Shared by astrayan 5 years ago
astrayan (5 years ago)
Sadstuck alert.

Jade was astrayan, Rose was dracosplushrump, John was injustice-shall-fall and Dave was timelygambit.

JOHN: I dont know why Im here anymore
ROSE: Its just a thought that starts in the brain and lets numbness crawl down my skin
JADE: My arms shiver and goose bumps rise and thats when the rest of me starts to shake
DAVE: My head feels heavy
JOHN: I dont want to do this anymore
DAVE: Its just this anxiousness of it all and the deep shit thats been happening these days thats literally driving me insane
ROSE: And I just simply want it all to end
JADE: I want to be done
JOHN: I want this game to be over
JADE: I dont want to play anymore
DAVE: But Im stuck in this fucking endless loop and it just doesnt stop and I fall to my knees like a fucking pansy⦠andâ¦
ROSE: I cant deal with it
JOHN: I cant handle all of this
JADE: Ive handled it all for too long and there hasnt been a solution in years
JOHN: Years
DAVE: Was this something I deserved all along?
ROSE: Was it something that was not inevitable but created by my own mistakes?
DAVE: Now Im just the biggest fuckup arent I
JOHN: Yep This is it
JADE: Im done
DAVE: Im fucking done
ROSE: Theres no winner to this game
JOHN: Theres no solution
JADE: No new beginnings
ALL: Game over


Thickerhorse88 (5 years ago)
;_; Omg i like never thought of this now omg

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