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Homestuck Musical - John: Reconsider
1.89mb, 02:03, 125kbit, 470 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Vocal  Soundtrack  

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Shared by overlordfombax 5 years ago
overlordfombax (5 years ago)
(Armageddon theme at the beginning)
Dave, good buddy Dave
That was a close one. Nice save!
Good thing you caught me, even though you fought me
You proved that being brave
Doesnât mean I could ever leave you behind
Thanks for reminding meâ¦
I better reconsiderâ¦
(DAVE: Turn around Egbert, donât get your head hurt)
Reconsider⦠(DAVE: Hurry up shitlord, you know I would get bored without youâ¦.)
Reconsider (DAVE: Without you!)

TG: did you blast off like a spazzy douche yet or what
EB: yeah, of course!
EB: there was no way i wasn't trying out this sweet ride.
TG: god dammit what do i have to do to make you believe me
TG: fist bump my future self til i got bloody knuckles and write you an even sappier bday note in my own blood
TG: on a back to the future poster
EB: relax, i'm not going through the gate!
EB: i am just flying around, and having a good time in the sky.
TG: oh ok
TG: so you believe me then
TG: about future me
TG: and like
TG: him turning into a floating sword bird
EB: um...
EB: ok, i don't know anything about that...
EB: but it doesn't matter!
EB: you're my best bro, and if you say not to go then i won't go.

Reconsider your rash decision

Sometimes power can cloud your vision

Just remember we're on a mission
Reconsider fishing for shortcuts through life
Through life!

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