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Jacob and Julie - '==>' (Untitled Kanaya and Sollux log)
1.57mb, 01:42, 125kbit, 171 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Misc  Vocal  

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Shared by 413VoiceActors 7 years ago
Miiaxra9000 (7 years ago)
Really uh... I'll upload a much much better one later ; m ;.

The number one Empress in Alternia!
You should know by now, how to please me!!
Glub glub!

First off, You should notice when my hair ever gets cut or thinned
Second off, You should notice when I wear new flippers!
Third off, for every word I speak to you, I expect 3 glubs in reply!

If you understand, my right fin eels rather empty, so hold it!!
Nothing said, that could reely be all that shellfish, I'm shore.
I only want you to think that I'm, super cute! Truly and genuinely...

The number one, Empress in Alternia!
Remember that, Glub~ Glub~
You're not allowed to keep me waiting!!
Just who do you think I am?
Now I want to go cull the cuttlefish, where?
Of course I mean now!

Glub glub shrug!

My fault! You know by now that I wont complain about such things!~
Right??? You can't hear me? Fin! I'll repeat it..
Oh, and also this. Get a white seahorse like in a prophecy, and take me away!

If you understand, kneel down and call me an Empress!
Nothing said, that could be reely all that shellfish I'm shore.
Though its alright.. to glub at me, just a little bit...

My only Emperor in the whole world
You should know that hey~ hey~
Both of our fins are empty! 38(
Our words, have been a little, or reely very sad!
Why, why is that?? Come on, notice it faster!!!
You absolutely don't understand it, understand it ever!!!

A human thing called strawberry shortcake,
perhaps an icy cool can of tab!
I will.. I will try to hold back!
Don't go thinking im greedy fish!
I can act proper as well!
You'll regret those glubbing words!!

Naturally because I am...

The number one Empress in Alternia!
I'll swim off, if you don't watch me, me again!
I'm about to be culled, save me!
"Be more careful." and you turned away
...But I think that you're more dangerous!


Glub glub shrug. 3B(

413VoiceActors (7 years ago)
.. I am going to ignore the anamoly up there, and say that the background music is ""Mitasareta Koritsu" from the Eden of the East OST.

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