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RedAsATomato (6 years ago)
Credits: Art by averyniceprince @tumblr. Robotic parts by Google Translate.

And ahh, I forgot to mention! If you have comments, critiques, etc. for any of my recordings, please feel free to leave me a message!

LuckyCheerioCharms (6 years ago)
very nice :D my only suggestion is to slooowww down. some of the things you say are just a little hard to understand because you're going so fast! Other than that, you're very cute. X3 nice work!

RedAsATomato (6 years ago)
Asdfghjkl--I didn't think anyone would comment, so wow this is a surprise! Thank you so much! .///. And oh! Okay, I'll work on getting slower at some points, didn't realize I was speaking too quickly. Oops! Thank you again for the critique!

LuckyCheerioCharms (6 years ago)
haha, not a problem dear! I love helping out those I'm competing against for a role in the troupe ;D

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