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animangeleon (5 years ago)
This was a good song for Vriska

Adorkablepineapple (5 years ago)
AMAZING i wuv you uwu@

blackSparrow (5 years ago)
An audition for http://mspaforums.com/showthread.php?51765-Homestuck-The-Musical-Thread-3-0-%28Almost-on-Act-5!%29 .

Ask any of the trolls
in this niche.
They'll say that I'm a heinous
spider... witch

Morons, all of them
They just don't see
That the method works,
the method called

Got a little saying
Always sees my through
When you win with Vriska
Vriska wins with you

There's a lot of suckers
I'm prepared to screw
Put your trust in Vriska
She be straight with you!

They say that life is like a game
And that's the way I play
You see that I have all the luck!
I'll be badass all day!

You just trust the spider
Little boy of blue
When you win with Vriska
Vriska wins with you

True, you're not impressive
Not yet, but we'll make do
You ascend with Vriska
She'll ascend with you

My motives are mysterious
From your point of view
But listen to Vriska
She'll look out for you

You're atop your echeladder
Tell me you don't want more!
So boost me up all my god tiers
And I'll kill you for yours!

You just call me Marquise
and I'll make you my crew
When you sail with Vriska
She'll share spoils with you!
(And that's a good deal!)

So what's the big conclusion
I can bring this number to?
When you win with Vriska
Vriska wins with you!

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