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Melody-Disciple - Your Good Deed (No Good Deed Parody)
3.22mb, 03:30, 125kbit, 427 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Vocal  

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Shared by leijonvoice 5 years ago
leijonvoice (5 years ago)
This was my callback song for Melody Disciple; Enjoy!


My love my love my love my love my love I love you don’t leave me

My love my love my love my love my love I love you don’t leave me

As my love hangs up there

With his arms chained in irons

As they bleed him
and they burn his flesh!

I was forced, forced to watch

And I couldn’t unchain him

from his shackles
And I had to run 

And I had to run

My love my love my love my love my love I love you don’t leave me

My love my love my love My love my love don’t leave me, don't leave me
Ugh what were their reasons

Did they think they were showing me mercy

Instead I’m alive to live in hell alone

Darkleer I damn you!

For shooting my love I hate you

And for letting me live

I curse you every day

Curse you, every day!

Your good deed was unwanted

Your act of charity is much resented

Your good deed was unwanted

And I repeat

Darkleer, Your pitiful intentions have left me to bleed

Your good deed

Was unwanted!


There’s nothing left for me

For me, for me to live for
Except for his memory

I must live on to succeed him

Live on to spread his sermons

All across Alternia

For my love I’ll write his words

Up until the day I die

No good deed goes unpunished!

Your act of pity should have never happened

No good deed goes unpunished

You will regret allowing me to abscond.

DarkLeer, you will regret this!! Letting me abscond!!

I’ll make sure he lives forever 
through words

And memories

Because of you, Darkleer,

Signless will rise again

His ideals shall prevail
and I’ll preserve his visions for


My Signless 

will Live on


Firestorm1785 (5 years ago)
I think the only way to make this better is to make the music a little quieter so we can hear your voice more clearly, you're really good, and this is most definitely in my favorites. :D I'm so jealous of you :') you made me weepy with this song.

Firestorm1785 (5 years ago)
Also, can I make a cover of this? I will say you were the original person to do this, and I'm not making a profit from doing it, or anything, but I love this song.

leijonvoice (5 years ago)
(I sent you a PM about this but I don't know how tindeck works at ALL so i don't know if you got it! YES you can make a cover of this!! XDD Just send me a link when you do, because i'd love to hear it!!!)

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