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Kylee Henke - Homestuck [It's You!]
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Genre(s): Ska  Homestuck  

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Shared by KyleeHenke 5 years ago
KyleeHenke (5 years ago)

One day we know weâll have to say goodbye
To our beloved Homestuck, what will we do then? Oh my gog!
There wonât be any updates, but donât cry
This fandom never has to die because I know

Homestuck isnât just a comic, itâs you!
We the fandom are the reason itâs cool
Homestuckâs so much more than just Andrew

Cuz its me
And you
Itâs true
Itâs all of us

Fanartists and cosplayers galore
Voice actors and musicians too
Ship every possible quadrant and pair

Other fandoms had better beware
Because Homestucks are everywhere!
Weâre a team
All these memes
We are here
And weâre not gonna leave!

Homestuck isnât just a comic, its us!
We the internet have spoken thusly
Without Hussie I think weâd adjust
Cause weâll always be together, weâre a family!

Separation by interests and likes
No matter how hard you might try to find a place you belong
And yet Homestuck attracts all kinds and types
No matter who you are or where youâre from youâll find

Thereâs no limit to the things we can do!
Fans of Homestuck never fail to come through
Homestuck alone is not enough for me
Give yourself some credit, not just Hussie!
Never change except when you improve
Cuz youâre cool
You rule
And Iâm proud to be part of you!


KitKatInTheHat (5 years ago)
Kyleeeeeee. All my feels, you have them.
; u ;

IronG (5 years ago)
I just sat here with my head raised high for the entire song I was so proud. You should be very proud as well after all I'm sure you have converted some non-HOMESTUCKers with your music.

Trogdorbad (5 years ago)
The crazy screaming of "OH MY GOD, UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!" is so great. This whole track is great, really.

Dspite (5 years ago)
... Was that Askkarkat'svoice's voice I heard in that jumble, there? I swear I heard him...

KooriTora (5 years ago)
I'm so proud to be part of this fandom. We really are one big family, and I love every single one of our members. Thank you. All of you.
And also, goshthissongissoamazing. Your voice is beautiful.

hopelessHeart (5 years ago)

Now. If you'll excuse me I have to show this to all my Homestucker friends.

lilMrsSykes (4 years ago)
There was a mention of Sherlock. Go on. Try it. It's yummy.

Skyzhema (4 years ago)
I'm trying to resist the urge to dress as Nepeta as I run through Walmart screaming about quadrants and shipping. Thanks. That's the last thing I need to do when I'm trying to get a job there xD

shmemilyemily (4 years ago)
@Skyzhema please don't that wouldn't help the fandoms reputation

Ember McLain (3 years ago)


)(0M-32TUCK (2 years ago)

mistakehour (1 year ago)
hey kylee just wanted to say thanks for this track, which helped me get through homestucks final hours

silentHuntress (1 year ago)
This is amazing.. I will forever miss Homestuck, as will the entire fandom. ^_^

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