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kaet - SlammaLoVania
7.12mb, 05:11, 187kbit, 12239 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Hip-hop  Funk  

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Shared by kaet 6 years ago
SomeoneD (6 years ago)
A few words;

1) Holy crap I am in love with this song to untold degrees.
2) Do you have a mixed version without the lyrics? If you do, it will officially be my speaker testing song forever.
3) :)

That's pretty much it.

pjunk (6 years ago)
It gets a little messy with the lyrics, especially during the intro, but...I mean, you can't really not love this. That's basically the most impossible thing.

kaet (6 years ago)
I'll see if I can grab an instrumental of Space Jam and mess around with that :D

Thank you guys so much!!

becauseimapotato (6 years ago)
best thing, ever. everyone else go home. This is literally, just. Awesome

Blaperile (6 years ago)
You are my hero.

BearSlayer (6 years ago)
can we get a higher res version of the song image?

kaet (6 years ago)

Here you go! http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ls4ez68bkQ1qzgqc9_1317025052_cover.jpg

kaet (6 years ago)
Alternate song images for snazzy kids who don't play by the rules: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsd7kwnrl91qeu4eno1_500.png

oddii (6 years ago)
I disagree witht he top comments, the opening lyrics really make this song freakin awesome! I love Space Jam, and mashed up with this particular song- nothing is wrong, everything is awesome.



Inferno232 (6 years ago)
This is about as awesome as a Chaos Dunk. Awesome.

camille (6 years ago)
only more evidence that this fandom is the best

Giraffestuck (6 years ago)

Giraffestuck (6 years ago)
Alternate cover art I made uwu

kaet (6 years ago)

you slam dunked my heart <3333

Octopus (6 years ago)
This song is so awesome it ruined every other song I've ever listened to.

You are the best. I absolutely loved Space Jam and this made it even better.

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