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ProjectCutie - Gypsy Bard ;Homestuck Version
765kb, 00:48, 125kbit, 1196 downloads
Genre(s): Easy Listening  Homestuck  Vocal  

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Shared by MyImperialEmpire 5 years ago
MyImperialEmpire (5 years ago)
The original version is by SherclopPones/Lenich, and the extended version was created by ak399g. Parody lyrics by ashestoashesjc.tumblr.com
And Vocals are ProjectCutie.tumblr.com


When youâre rife with devastation
Thereâs a long ass explanation
Youâre an alienâs creation
Stuck inside a froggy gut

And whichever way they play it
Know that we wonât be complacent
Weâll go through the chatlog pages
âTill we know just what is up

When I was a little kiddy, a meteor shower over took my city
I traveled to another plane,
A planet filled with Wind and Shade
So, I climbed one thousand tiers
An echeladder connoisseur

Now, everyone is toast
And my girlfriend is a ghost
But I still love the movie Con Air

When youâve irons in the fire
And your loved ones have âretiredâ
Donât abscond, just stay and strife
Until the battle is complete

âCause the Condesce hypnotizes
And the whole world agonizes
Ectochildren stop your crying
And just sing along with me

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