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blackSparrow (5 years ago)
The Terezi voice was so fun, I just had to make another song!

I don't know if you will trust me
or if you really see
I don't know if you will listen
To your Scourge sister's plea

Yes, I know I'm just the Seer
I cannot benefit you
But still I see into your future
Can I stop what you're going to do?

Please turn back Vriska
From this path you walk
Don't make me do this
Just stay here and talk

I've got my coin handy
I'll flip it if I must
So don't turn away Vriska
Don't make me be just

You ask for wealth
You ask for fame
You ask for glory to shine on your name
You want to make your victory
You want to be the hero you'll never be

I ask for nothing
But for a clean end
Yes, I know we've drifted
But weren't we once friends?

Stay with me, Vriska
We'll do one more dance
When I flip, this coin, it
will be your last chance.

And up goes, the coin.
Your life's last chance.

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