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lily sevin - the snowstorm (a hijack fansong)
4.77mb, 05:07, 125kbit, 16350 downloads
Genre(s): Acoustic  Alternative  Ambient  

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Shared by broadway-aradia 5 years ago
Brea (5 years ago)
This is absolutely gorgeous <3

IronicallyChrimson (5 years ago)
asdshjyfh why lily!? youre voice nnnnn

coal (4 years ago)
So beautiful, just, thank you for this, thank you so much

tacopiggy75 (4 years ago)

took a walk in the winter woods one night

after a particularly nasty day of training

and that was when out of the corner of my eye

i saw a boy my age sitting by himself in the snow

i almost asked him if he was alright

he was so pale, he really looked like he was freezing

i looked him over, he wore clothes like mine

but where i wore green this boy wore pure white

and his feet were bare

he was pretty cleancut for a town like mine

from where he sat i couldn’t tell if he was breathing

so i picked up the closest stick i could find

and poked him with it to be sure he was alive

i think i spooked him, he looked quite surprised

when he jumped up and snatched away the stick that i was holding

i wondered if this kid has lost his mind

when he took a step towards me and asked if i could see him

and frost bloomed beneath his feet

and i said

of course i see you jokul frosti

winter spirit

my life has made a believer out of me

i remember you from my mother’s stories

you bring the winter

you are jack frost, aren’t you

after that night i often saw him flying

between the treetops and sometimes right beside me

and between sarcastic taunts and pick-up lines

it’s safe to say me and jack got along just fine

i became a bit too interested in his eyes

and his friendly touches would occasionally linger

other than that we were just two normal guys

except for when we kissed that one time

and that other time

it wasn’t until that mid-march night

when he began hinting at the changing of the seasons

he told me he didn’t want the land to die

and i realized that he meant that he was leaving

and i told him i loved him

and he said

i feel just the way you’re feeling

you’re all i ever needed

someone to believe, someone who believes in me

trust me when i tell you i’m not leaving

we will meet again

the other seasons last like 3 months anyway

and then spring came

i enjoyed the warm months while they lasted

it felt like a long time but i passed it

with my best friend by my side

and one morning a cold wind left me gasping

and my dad said

there was a snowstorm blowing in

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