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AKV - FeverDreamless - Karkat Edition
8.79mb, 04:53, 245kbit, 17500 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Acoustic  Alternative  

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Shared by askkarkatvoice 6 years ago
tylersong (6 years ago)
Thanks, DiveDog(?)! :) haha Very pretty song!~â«

AlternianIdiot (6 years ago)
let the fangirling begin in 3... 2... 3333333333333333333333333333333!

coal (6 years ago)
This is beautiful

Pinkandblue8988 (6 years ago)

Failure to resist urge... <3 <3 <3 <3

zelifur (6 years ago)
Oh my god this is beautiful, and im tearing up! For gods sake man im in class, and this is so amazing. Oh my god.

lolilolied (6 years ago)
Let's talk about the time I waste
All the things I said I'd do but only say
And nothing was done today
But I still feel I shouldn't be awake

Exhausted from the same old grievance
Another day, another moral inconvenience
And who would bat an eye while the world around them dies?
And who could, I can't seem to close mine

And I wish that we weren't forced to find out
I wish we never knew what this was about

But there's reasons why we fall so far so fast
There's reasons why the pluses never last
Rest is the world's best advice
But the universe would kill me if I tried

Time passes and I wait
So much more to do when I'm awake
And I've now lost track of days
Just one night where all is just a haze

I've long forgotten what dreams feel like
Another sleep, another eon lost from daylight
And who would lend a word? It's more than just absurd
But I think it can't be too much worse

The stars have gone dark and I'm shaking
No questions why I deserve anything

Cause there's reasons why we fell so far so fast
There's reasons why the pluses never last
Take my own thoughts with a grain of salt
When I tell myself that this is all my fault

Cause there's reasons for these bags under my eyes
It's the effort I dont give except in lies
Maybe It's the weight of all the promises we couldn't keep
But the universe will not let me sleep

Grant me a favorite dream at least

Will not let me sleep


And thanks to DiveDog. All of you thank him too, because I wouldn't have done this if I hadn't gotten money.

lolilolied (6 years ago)
It would be very much appreciated if you could perhaps tell me where I might be able to find some chords or tabs for this.

N3KOK4NNO (6 years ago)
new motherfuking headcannon

patriciaselina (5 years ago)
Can I please just say that this is very beautiful and I would like to thank you for this.

farina (5 years ago)
So we can bribe you now? >:D ~Anyway, this is a really nice song. Thank you and DiveDog too.

zelifur (5 years ago)
I listened to this again, honestly it still makes me so sad. Its so beautifully written and it makes me want to cry again. Goddamnit man, im in class here. I dont want anyone seeing my gross fangirl sobbing.

Missbipolar243 (5 years ago)
i fangirled and fell of a cvhair ;W;

homestuck56 (5 years ago)
oka brb i must go flip my shit *leaves to flip shit*

DarkDreamer (5 years ago)
thank you divedog
the song was great. wish there was more!

christmaswolf (5 years ago)
there's no download link for me...does that mean this song can't be downloaded anymore? sad face... :o(

RainbowDashyMD (5 years ago)
No download? ;_; </3 but it's so beautiful <3

RainbowDashyMD (5 years ago)
Found a youtube video for it :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBf8KbBPLr8 and you can take the youtube URL and post it here http://www.snipmp3.com/ and download it :D

Just click run this time whenever it pops up at the top of your screen. If you choose the standard download click run in the window that pops up and choose where you want to save the file. If you choose high quality then it should save to your downloads :3 or wherever anything else you download goes too x3

CeruleanGuava (5 years ago)

FefVriskEta (5 years ago)
;_; thank you. thank you so much for th!s and ! honestly truely mean that to. thank you so much for th!s song

TheSingerAllison (5 years ago)
i wish i could download this! its adorable

Eeznii (5 years ago)
omfg headcanon T.T

strider1233 (5 years ago)
Amazing man. definitely my Karcat headcannon. Thanks divedog

Strangely_Lass (4 years ago)
Absolutely fantastic! Could you fix it to be downloadable?

mcrfan (4 years ago)
How come I can't download this?

mcrfan (4 years ago)
How come I can't download this?

mcrfan (4 years ago)
How come I can't download this?

mcrfan (4 years ago)
How come I can't download this?

mcrfan (4 years ago)
How come I can't download this?

mcrfan (4 years ago)
How come I can't download this?

mcrfan (4 years ago)
How come I can't download this?

scourgexsisters (2 years ago)

XxEnderGirlxX (1 year ago)
Love it. <_< >_> Download time!

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