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RedAsATomato (6 years ago)
Credits: Art by weissidian@deviantart. Lyrics and request/submission by stupidsifl@tumblr.
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[ Keeping in mind the spirit of the season, I think now’s a good time to bring this up. Here’s the first song request I received! I hope you all enjoy, and umm, yeah. Hehe! .//. ]

The Boy Who Types in Green | (aka. Somewhere that’s Green)
Note from stupidsifl: As a general rule of thumb, stuff in parenthesis is meant to be spoken and inserted between “singing” parts.

(I know that Jake is the greatest…
Ahh, I must be a semi-sadist…
it’s only for him that I’ve got eyes
and he lives halfway across the world.)

Still… Jake English is such a cutie!
He’s even got inner beauty!
And I dream of a place
Where we could be together at last…

Adventures of our own
And Dad won’t fence me in
We trek into the wide unknown
Solving mysteries, and puzzles, with eyes so keen
But only for each other- Yep, me and he!
Jane Crocker and Jake English,
the boy who types in green!

He’ll be mine and I’ll be his lass-
I’ll give him whatever he needs
‘Cause I cook like Betty Crocker
I can even bake with pumpkin seeds!
Godcat keeps off the furniture
-there’s no reason I can glean
For him to pull us from our bliss-
Me and Jake, with his eyes of green!

And after our perfect dinner,
It’s snuggle time -four thirteen!
We cuddle and chat with Roxy
And Dirk- and not just through a computer screen!

We four play until bedtime-
which Dad sets ‘cause he knows best-
and we fall asleep to Jake’s silly movies
and he tolerates all my jests!
And I’ll spend my days in Mrs. English ecstasy!
(Shucks buster!) Yes, that’ll be my name
Thanks to this new, great game!
(Forever with Jake English!) The boy who types in green!

RedAsATomato (6 years ago)
...I have no idea why there are question marks when I copy pasted that from my tumblr post. D:

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