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totalspiffage - Poor Alternian Trolls
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Genre(s): Homestuck  

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Shared by totalspiffage 6 years ago
totalspiffage (6 years ago)
tumblr: http://totalspiffage.tumblr.com/post/33663492296/poor-alternian-trolls-parody-of-poor-unfortunate

I admit that in the past Ive been too kind
But its time I think Id better make a switch
So youll find that nowadays
Ive concocted better ways
You could even deign to call me batterwitch
Oh yes…
Well I fortunately know a way to fix things
Its a talent that I always have possessed
Oh my minions, It is time
To put an end to all the crimes
Of the rebels causing all of this unrest

Poor Alternian trolls
In pain, in need
This one begging at the crowds
Oh he wants to steal my crown
Should I help them?
Yes, indeed
Poor Alternian trolls
So low, misled
They come pleading now for mercy
Crying, “Oh, Highness Please!”
But I help them!
I make them dead!

Now its happened once or twice
One rebels death would not suffice
And Im afraid I had to cull some highblood souls
I hear another one complaint
Then I will use their blood as paint
These poor Alternian trolls


Every troll who passes 9 sweeps will be banished
Theres a lot of space to colonize, for shore.
The grubs and lususes may stay, but they will soon be sent away
And if they die, then whatever were they good for?
Until you all adore your Condescension
Say goodbye to your homeworld while you can!
Next sweep, this day at dawn,
You will all be moved along
And all talk, all rebellion shall be banned!

Come on you poor alternian trolls
Go ahead! Hail your empress!
Im your queen, your Condescension and Ive got eternal life
If you speak against me- take a guess
You poor Alternian trolls
Lifes short for you
If you want to go rebelling
Youve got the pay the tolls
Suck it up and get to work for me
Cause Im in full control
And with my precious helmsman here
Well Im just on a roll
These poor Alternian trolls

AlternianIdiot (6 years ago)
amazing as usual

DreamBubble (6 years ago)
Did u ever take singing lessons?

totalspiffage (6 years ago)
Only about 8 years of school chorus/ a capella stuff. And live performing. But no official lessons, no.

lemonlimeade (6 years ago)
this is perfect omg

mairamche (4 years ago)
This is like the best song ever

)(0M-32TUCK (3 years ago)
Nice one!! Your highness *Bows*

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