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Rosemary Pot - Part of That World - Feferi Peixes
2.92mb, 03:11, 125kbit, 171 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  

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Shared by Rosemary Pot 6 years ago
Rosemary Pot (6 years ago)

Look at those trolls
Happy and sweet!
How could you say that their lives’ aren’t great?
If I was with them I’d have fun!
And you know, that’s my thing!
Here in the sea
Life’s pretty dumb
Every day I have to krill for my mom!
I might be a royal, but I
‘d rather just be myself!
I have a dream about a world much different
I’m not squidding, and guys here’s the deal
I’m thinking about
No more blood castes
Whatcha think?
No reely!
I’m serious!

We are not better than lowbloods are
There is no reason for krilling others
Not that a lot of trolls agree with me,
What can I say?

For some reason we have a hemospectrum
Not that I sea the idea with it!
Who says a tyrian and a mustard can’t be

Here is my chance, red and blue team!
Let’s live a life where we are equals!
I’d reely like that, maybe we can be
Part of that world

What would I give if I could live together with lowbloods?
What would I pay to sea the day where nobody cares?
I’m gonna be, Empress one day
And I will sea to mine that things change!
That a rustblood isn’t scared to
state his mind!

I’d be thrilled to know what my people think
It’ll be lovely to sea them happy!
Lowbloods and highbloods with friendlier attitude!

I just can’t wait!
This is my fate! It will be glorious when I sea
Trolls of all blood
Together and
Part of that world

imme123 (6 years ago)
This is amazing ouo

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