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Snowy the Sane Fangirl - Lullaby for Prospit's Heroes
4.15mb, 04:31, 125kbit, 173 downloads
Genre(s): Homestuck  Spiritual  Vocal  

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Shared by Sane Fangirl 4 years ago
Sane Fangirl (4 years ago)
I apologize for the sub-par level of my recording equipment, and also my inability to control my compulsive habit to vocalize badly. This is sort of based on Jake's story, but it can really be about any Prospit dreamer who's murdered before waking and then later attains god tier via the time-tested method of blowing up the moon.

Sleep now, my hero
Know we wait for you
To wake and end this endless war
We're destined to lose but
We know you'll wake soon
Hero, your destiny calls

Sleep while you still can
Upon Prospit's moon
Let nightmares never haunt your dreams
May peace be yours in
Your gold-tinted room
'Till you lead us and set us free

Let no harm befall you
Until you awake
'Till then let this song ease your sleep
In your sleeping figures
Lies our final hope
'Till then over you watch we shall keep


Hero, oh hero
Gold-clad you lie still
What have they done to you now
You can't be dead
Our hope, it has failed
Hero, our tears stain your brow

Do you feel our tears
As they fall on your face
Do you hear our sorrowful cries
Now all hope fails
For our war-weary race
Accept these our final goodbyes

Sleep now, my hero
For you our hearts ache
Clinging to hope though it's lost
We're destined to lose and
You won't awake
Hero, your destiny calls


I see Skaia rising
Shining down on us
Against it a figure is shown
Rising from the ashes
Of destruction and death
I can't look - but I already know

My hope is rekindled
Though our moon's destroyed
Our enemies closing in tight
But now you descend
And my heart's overjoyed
Hero, at your side we will fight

A god tier, he's risen
Above death's domain
Deadly and wrathful and strong
One glorious battle
He'll no more be slain
Hero, to vict'ry lead on

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